Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Trump and Syria

            Congratulations Trump, you finally listened to your military advisors. What Trump knows about war is what he's seen on TV, only when the show is over the actors get up and go home. It has nothing to do with real live and neither does Trump, living in his bubble dedicated to himself.
 We had to do something about poison gas, if we hadn't we were setting ourselves up to be a poison gas target.  
            Face the Nation had a senator saying Trump didn't have the right to start a war, only congress can do that. The President can't broadcast the action he intends to take against a threat to our country.  He can reply to an immediate threat.  
However, when our troops hit the ground, Congress has to sanction it. Most of you know I am a retired soldier. I don't want any of my grandsons go to war because a self-serving, liar in the White House has declared war without a vote from congress.  
  I was excited because at first it looked like Trump was listening to his military advisors. I had high hopes that he might begin using his ears and brain before he engages his mouth or tweet.   
Trump won't run for a second term, because the job wasn't what he expected. From what I saw early on, he didn't know the presidency was an actual job. He thought it was like being Queen Elizabeth, all he had to do was smile and wave in photo opts.
            I don't blame Trump for becoming president, I blame the American people. His life was out there for every one to see.  We knew he threw childish tantrums. We knew he was one of the those I'm always right people. We knew he got his way by talking louder and over other people until they give in. We knew he was a womanizer. Finally, we knew he had plans to build a Trump hotel in Russia.
            The truth was out there. Our right to vote is important North Korea doesn't have it. Russia has it with only one name on the ballot. We have real elections and need to make that right count by using even a little research on who we plan to vote for, instead of watching the candidate put on a Vegas style show to get your vote.
            This morning there was a drawing of a man Stormy Daniels said threatened her at the behest of Trump. Trump is in Florida and his house guest is the president of South Korea. Our ally is in a volatile position, in a location where we stay prepared for a conflict with North Korea. Trump tweets that the sketch of the man is fake. He's running my country and his concern is about a porn star's drawing, instead of his very important house guests. His mind isn't on the job, it's on himself. It's always on him, the Donald, President Trump, reality show star Donald Trump. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King
Today is the anniversary of his murder.
I was born and raised in Ohio in a white neighborhood. My mother was prejudice of everyone. Their ancestry, race, religion, even people from certain states.
A black woman helped her wash the windows, once or twice a year. Mother feared black men.  Sounds funny, but my mother was born in 1906 and as late as the 1950's people felt that way.  
My father listened, but never agreed or disagreed. I knew at an early age disagreement with my mother meant a fight, but I'd like to think my father's feelings were akin to mine. Unlike my mother, Daddy grew up poor and possibly felt bias because his family was poor.      
My husband and I were talking with a friend in the friend's office, I forget the subject, what I remember is by impulse I laid my hand on the friend's hand, then removed it. He froze mid-sentence and stared at me. Then said, "You've never touched a black person before."
I nodded. There was a saying that accurately described the situation in the 1950's and earlier.  Southerners don't care how close blacks get as long as they don't get to high. Northerners didn't care how high they get as long as they didn't get to close.
That touch on the hand, broke any northern prejudice I didn't know it set me on the path I'm on today. In the military I have numerous black friends. In my old age I'm once again living in a white world.  The following is how I feel about black people.
Most of their ancestors were here before mine, pre-revolutionary war.  The rest arrived before most white immigrants, pre-civil war. They were slaves, who's drudgery built an American economy, cleared land and built farms (plantations). They were in shackles, but their part in building the United States of America was equal to my white ancestors.
I am truly sorry for what Black Americans have had to endure in their country. Black leaders please stop telling blacks what they've had to deal with and tell them who they are, Americans, whose ancestors actually slaved to build America. Embrace their heritage and stop calling themselves African-American. Let them know they are Americans, this is their country.
I don't call myself, German, English, Irish, American. I am an American. The United States of American was built by my ancestors who handed down the most powerful nation in the world to me.
If black leaders and parents instilled this pride in their children. Give them the desire to  support the country they inherited. Teach white people to respect black people with such deep American roots.  I want to hear black people repeat the next lines I am about to write.
New comers to our shores welcome, we're a country of colors, it's the country my ancestors built, support it and help maintain the American dream.      

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

I know who God is and I know Trump. We’ll leave the latter to TV and discuss God.
God is the president of the world, he is in charge and has been from the beginning the beginning. With all that experience I’d vote for him any day.
Where is he, I don’t know, but when I talk to him he hears me. I know this because he answers, it isn’t always what I want to hear, but he invented logic and common sense. If you want to be sure it’s God answering you and not your personal desires, give it the logic and common-sense test. 
I had people tell me that if you aren’t a Christian or haven’t been baptized you won’t go to heaven. I happen to be both Christian and baptized, but the last statement doesn’t meet the logic and common-sense test. 
Islamic activists believe if you aren’t Islamic you should be killed. They don’t recognize if they kill us we go to God and they are still here. Doesn’t pass the two tests. 
On this earth nearly, everyone believes in God. In their minds they think it’s a different God, who belongs only to them. I know some Christians who also think that way. 
Can we agree this world has one God? If you want my belief, I think he’s in charge of the universe. I don’t know if there are other life forms out there. God knows, when you meet him you can ask. 
If you are a bible reader and have a Christian bible handy, start with the old testament. That’s the Jewish bible, Christianity wasn’t a religion when it was written, Christ wouldn’t be born until centuries later. 
Want to read the Islamic bible, I can do that, start at the old testament and read to the book where God tells Sara’s handmaiden that her son will rule great nations. The word rule, depends on the bible, rule, King of, Messiah, there is a litany of words depending the version of the you read. 
My Methodist raising preferred the King James. In college, St Leo’s, a catholic college, taught me from The Good New Bible. There was a problem, unlike my son who has his bachelor’s from St Leo’s, and lives not far from St Leo’s Florida. I was stationed in Fort Stewart, Georgia, so the mandatory class required by the catholic college was taught to my class by a Baptist minister. 
Excuse me I’m going to stop writing and watch the Missing Years of Jesus. If you want to join me and have the National Geographic channel, catch it now or the next time it’s aired. I’ve studied the missing years of Jesus, I enjoy history, and most versions pass the common sense and logic tests. HAPPY EASTER.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rant from Others

People are commenting, welcome, posting the rant from RPO, showed don't care if you agree or disagree, I'll post what you have to say. All I ask is have a point to make. 

An old friend didn't like my calling our President, Trumpie. He started it. We've all read or heard him call people names. No previous President publicly disrespected others. 

Sure, Presidents have lied to the American people. I'm not going to take that on, but Trumpie's lies punctuate that he believes the American people are stupid sheep who will believe anything he tells them. He obviously never researches anything. 

Another close friend voted for Trump because Hillary supported late term abortions. I don't think anyone supports late tern abortions, if they are running for office. The only person I heard make this claim about her was Trump. He made a big production of saying a late term abortion could take place a day before the baby's due date. Few babies show up on their due date, some earlier some later. 

Trump doesn't know much about birth. He has three kids, that we know of, but he talks like he didn't pay any attention after the night (or day) he made them. 

For anyone (besides Trump) who believed the nonsense he spouted when he was running for President, I know of some swamp land down here in Florida, make me an offer. he talked for a half hour on TV making up stories about a late term abortion, the day before the due date. 

Late term abortions are between 14 to 24 weeks, obviously Trump had no idea what he was talking about, but his lies got him one vote that I know of. 

I don't believe in late term abortions and can't imagine anyone running for office would admit support if they wanted elected. My friend says Hilary said she did in a TV speech. I haven't found such a speech, but if anyone finds let me know and I will do a mia copa. 

If you're reading this and want my opinion, I'm not going to give it. I told my friend it's a subject we can argue for a thousand years and neither of us will change our minds. 

My vote won't depend on someone's stance on abortion. Congressmen want to get re-elected. A President's change of getting a chance through congress is less than one percent. 

Next week we'll talk about RPO's (retired police officer) rant. This man has a Master's Degree. We're going nose to nose next week. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This is Serious, Trump has crossed the line

Tump wants the death penalty for drug dealers. If it's Pablo Escobar, I would agree. I do believe in the death penalty, but it should be reserved for the Ted Bundys.
How long will it take to get to someone's child who got hooked on drugs and is now out there  dealing to support their habit. Do you want your child or the child of someone you know on death row when they should be in re-hab?
This is vigilante justice. That's not who we are. Open this door and no telling whose child will end up on death row.
Next little Trumpie is still mad. He wants sanctions on China unless they cut our debt. I don't know the details. If he is talking about charges that amount to a tax, or carrying charge, we can negotiate that, but we should pay for what we buy.
It is the same as checking out at the grocery store. You pay for you groceries then hold a gun on the cashier until they return half your money or you force the manager to lock all the doors and don't let anyone out or in until the money is given up.
The problem is if sanctions are placed on China, they will place sanction on us. I'm not worried about reading labels on a food package or dress tags. What do we get from China that goes into making our planes, trains, automobiles, heating, air conditioning, and rockets? It might be some little do-hicky that would take us decades to produce what we need, meantime we do without.
America is no longer self-sufficient; the cause, progress. If any country could close it borders and get along without help, it's the US, but what would be the cost of our isolation.
My stance from the first has been Trump doesn't belong in the white house. I have changed that, not only does he not belong in the white house, he needs to be in a mental hospital.   
If you believe that the death penalty should be changed to legalized murder, and other countries threatened if they don't give us the money we paid them for goods or we will stop dealing with them. I didn't explain that well, I'll try again. If other countries don't allow us to rob them we will stop dealing with them.
Oh, yes, the guy who handles my advertisement said to mention buying my Karen Gallagher Mystery Series books; Umbrella on the Floor and Poison Mushrooms. They're on Amazon, Kindle and lots of other places.  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

Today's rant comes from a retired police officer, who doesn't agree with what I've been saying.
My rants are to the American people. My goal is for every American to register to vote and exercise that right. I don't agree with most of what this man is saying, but I support his right to say it.  The first paragraph is an answer to a question I asked about guns.
I don't know the capacity of all firearms. Handgun magazine capacities vary depending on size and caliber. I would say high capacity handgun magazines can hold as much as 17 or 18 rounds. A shot gun can hold 4 shells with one more in the chamber for a total of 5. Assault rifles, like normal rifles are capable of high caliber rounds with high accuracy at long distances. The primary difference is the number of rounds you can fire those high caliber rounds with accuracy. A hunting rifle is not designed to fire at high speeds. There would be no sport in that.

Federal regulations prevent civilians from having fully automatic assault rifles without a special permit. However, people have gotten around that with items like the bump stocks. Also, a standard police bullet proof vest is not designed to withstand a rifle round. Vests that can stop a rifle round are very heavy. It is not just the round itself but the impact that the round makes when it hits. There are lighter weight ballistic vests that will stop the round but the impact will still kill the officer.

While there is still room for reform with firearms, that is not the complete answer. It's like blaming the fork for people being fat. Let's reduce the number of prongs on the fork so it won't hold as much food. We need more focus on care for our mentally ill and our society as a whole. Speaking of mental illness is not "politically correct" so let's focus on guns. We have taken the foundation out from under our country. The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem have become a joke that people can kneel at and make fun of. Heaven forbid (pun intended) anyone say a prayer publicly.  Faith and Patriotism are rapidly diminishing every day in this country but it is what this country was built on.

This country is going down a bad path because we want to be politically correct. Politically Correct is like Military Intelligence, they are a contradiction in terms. Take out the foundation of any structure and the structure will fall. Political correctness is killing this country. Heaven forbid someone say what is on their mind because they will be a sexist or racist and shunned. Lack of family structure is killing this country. Removing discipline, structure, faith, and patriotism from our schools and nation are killing this country.

A government that can give themselves raises and allow themselves to have separate rules than the people they represent, like with healthcare and retirement, is wrong. HOW DO WE REFORM OUR GOVERNMENT. They are no longer "for the people," they are "for themselves" and do the minimal amount to maintain what they have.

Any benefits that our government receive should be voted on BY THE PEOPLE. That would be their incentive to do better. Right now, they have no incentive to help the people, only to help themselves. How many people would say, sure senator, you don't need to abide by the healthcare or Obama Care rules that the rest of the nation must deal with. Senator, it is such a tough job you should get a full pension for serving just 1 term in office. Sure Senator, you guys are doing a great job, let's give you a great raise to go with all the other benefits you receive for being a Senator.

I believe we have elected numerous people who have gone to Washington, with great intentions, only to have been swallowed-up by the corrupt political environment that currently exists in our country. I voted for Trump because I believe he is powerful enough to disrupt our current government and force a change. He will speak his mind and there is not much chance that he is going to get swallowed-up. I am happy with the current turmoil in Washington because it is showing what babies we have in government and how it is more important to get who they want than to help this country succeed.  I honestly feel we are no longer the greatest Nation in the World. I blame that on our Government and the direction they have taken it.

To summarize, some gun control, a lot of help for our mentally ill. Bring back the foundation of our nation with Patriotism, Religion, and Discipline. Reform our opulent, self-serving government. Make them abide by the same rules as the people they are supposed to serve and only receive benefits by vote of the people. I could go on but this email is to long as it is.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Saunnie's Rant 3/4/2018

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts. 

I’m watching the Oklahoma City Bombing on TV. It’s pictures of the actual events. Waco has been turned into a series with actors portraying the real people.
There have been a couple quick reminders about school shootings. I guess it’s too painful to watch. It is for me. Maybe that’s why I’ve converted my feeling into trying to get people to do something about it.
If you are an American citizen, what have you done this week to stop the murder of children?
Besides send my weekly rant to any many people I can find, I make sure my congressmen get a copy. I explain we need metal deters at all entrances with armed guards checking people through. All other doors, exit only, with camera showing any attempts to enter.
The show I’m watching said Timothy McVey loved arms when he was in the military. They were using less dangerous sounding words to say assault weapons.
Today is Sunday, do what you usually do on Sunday, for a lot of you it will be going to work, but don’t let the sun go down without emailing, writing, or leaving a phone message for your congressman.
Tell him what “We the people” want. Tell him if he doesn’t pay attention now, we will get it when the voting polls close in November. Then It will be to late for him, but Americans intend to get out children protected. He can join us now or be left behind.
I keep saying he, but I mean he or she.  I hate to think that any of our congresswomen, who are also mothers, aren’t already supporting us. If your congressman is a woman, remind her like the men that she can save our children or apply for a job as a NRA lobbyist. 
Don’t give up, we can do this because we have the ultimate weapon, the ballot box, and it’s legal to threaten all elected officials with it, but we can’t force them to do what we need unless we all join the process.
If you aren’t registered to vote, go to your court house, you can do it any time except week-ends and holidays. Don’t wait for election time. Tell everyone you are an American and you have the voters registration to prove it.