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If any men read this and say, “me too”, I’d like to hear their stories. I have more than one friend who has worked all their lives. Raised their children on ‘women’s wages’ which we all know are much lower than men’s.
When they reach social security age, they are single and must depend on what they have earned in social security, or take a early amount off an ex-husband, or a mountain of other reasons. One, I’ll call Abby draws $450 a month in social security.
She saved a bit of money, all between the time her three children were grown and the time when they needed mom’s help again. However Abby is one of the lucky ones, sort of. She lives in a very nice church owned apartment building for women. Since this is a place where women stay until they die, the younger tenants (age 65 to no longer able) can work by checking on other tenants making sure they are still alive and calling ambulances in the middle of the night..
Lots of women were hard working waitresses. They probably didn’t declare all their tips, which wouldn’t have made much difference, but did help feed their kids.
Others, like one I’ll call Betty, even rose to management of places like drug stores, in the end their life long earnings didn’t give them enough social security plus pension to live on.
Today many pensions are savings where the employee and employer put in equal shares. When you’re earning a third less than a man and have a hundred percent more children to support, they don’t end up with much of a pension. It isn’t unusual for a woman’s pension and social security to equal less than a thousand dollars a month.
No all women end up poor. Another friend Carol has a pension, again management at a third less than a man makes, but she also has a husband who earned an excellent salary. They were able to save a good bit of money. Life was perfect until he got sick, the list things that  like MS, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers, goes on and on.
Today they are in their seventies, he’s in a wheel chair and can’t do anything for himself. She can’t lift him. Baths are sponge only. He wears diapers, which I’ll leave to your imagination.
She has enough money to pay someone to come in 4 or 5 hours a day during the week. Carol is on her own the rest of the time. Getting someone to live in (room and board added to the money would make a reasonable pay check) Finding a responsible person able bodied enough to lift the husband for what she can offer, is harder than you think.
Carol takes loving care of her husband, but is no longer able to give him the care he needs. A nursing home would take so much of what they have that there would no longer be enough money for her to live on.
This is an election year, a good time to tell all the candidates how important social security is to all of us.
Women not only need, but work as hard and are worth wages equal to men.
Playing around with pensions such as matching dollar investments are too hard for most,  because there are priorities like children that keep them from investing that extra dollar. Companies need to return to a basis of how long you worked there and how much you earned.
Some candidates won’t listen. You shouldn’t vote for him. Other candidates will listen. You might think about voting for her. The two most important things are, 1.Tell the candidates what you want. 2. Vote


The earth is heating, its been doing that since the last ice age. You know the one that killed all the dinosaurs. This is not why we have the awful weather, no, no, we did that all by ourselves. All that smoke and such we emit everywhere to create power for our nice cozy lives.
Some of us like my readers here in Florida will be underwater someday. All that ice at the north pole is melting. The south pole too. It is melting and sending all that cold artic ice and snow down to us.
If you haven’t done anything about energy conservation, lip service  doesn’t count, take a look at your heating bill. That should motivate you.
I’m not going to give you a list of things you can do to help your planet. Truthfully, after you read them, would you close this blog and go do something else. I know this because its probably what I would do.
Instead search the internet on your own. Find something that appeals to you and do it. At this point in time any little thing you can do will help.
Meanwhile, if its cold outside where you are, do your internet search, see what changes you can make that will help and start now if you can. If you can’t make a bowl of chili, if you don’t have the ingredients, a can of tomato with lots of  crackers, or chicken noodle will warm you up nicely. Next find a good book. Umbrella on the Floor, by me Saunnielee, would be nice if you like mystery/suspense. Available on amazon and kindle.


I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t had anything important to say until now. I constantly compare the US with other industrial countries for several reasons. For those of us who can take our heritage back to the colonies, for the most part came those places.
I try not to ignore the black man, who didn’t come here willingly, but also cultivated the land that this country was built on. The ones who managed to become free by one means or another, fought along side the ones from Western Europe to become an independent country.
I keep comparing how the rest of the industrialized countries take better care of it’s people not only in health, but many other areas aswell. The one thing the citizens of these countries don’t have is a gun. When Western European countries as well as many others were settled before the gun was invented.
Our ancestors had guns, they came with guns, and they made them part of our culture. I’m not proud of the way they used guns to murder the Indians who were here first, but guns were needed to move across and settle the wilderness that became the United States.
Guns is the way families were fed on land where they had to cut down trees and get land ready for planting. Not just for food, guns killed bears and a host of other animals where either they were our dinner or we would be theirs.
My father had a shot gun. Over thirty years working in a factory he only missed one day of work each year. The first day of hunting season. When he worked the night shift, leaving my mother home alone, he bought her a gun.
I’m sure he taught her how to fire the hand gun because he taught me how to use the gun when he gave it to me because my husband was working nights and we lived in a new sub-division where  street lights hadn’t yet been installed.
I doubt he taught her how to clean it. He probably took care of that himself, however I learned to clean his shot gun when standing on end it was taller than me.
My husband grew up in the mountains. At his parents house he would go to the basement and make his own bullets. Wherever we lived (in the US, not the many years we were stationed in Europe) he was the local Pawn Shop’s best customer. He bought and sold guns because he loved them.
He never owned a hand gun, because his love was hunting. He never owned a rapid fire gun, if you hunted with one of them you would destroy your prey. My father taught me to preserve the meat. Shoot your prey in the head.
Twenty years in the Army the weapon assigned to my husband was a hand gun. Mine was an M-16. Tote that sucker around on a exercise.
Oh, yes my son has a safe full of guns. I don’t count him or my grandson because they are both cops.
Guns are part of our heritage. I love going to the range. The one nearest my home is inside, it also has arcade games and a 4 star restaurant. It’s entertainment for we decedents of the minute men.
Automatic weapons are not part of our culture. Criminals use automatic guns. For our protection law enforcement and soldiers need access to rapid fire weapons.
Mister Obama, stop the production and distribution of rapid fire weapons in our country. Do background checks to insure we are law abiding citizens. Do whatever is needed to keep guns away from criminals and terrorists, leave the rest of us alone.

Christmas, Bucket, & Check Lists

All my packages are wrapped. I quit sending Christmas Cards years ago. If God wanted us to send Christmas Cards he wouldn’t have made email. Yep, I’m late on my annual Christmas email to friends and family.
Bucket List. Doing okay. A very long time ago, I decided someday I wanted to sit on top of a mountain and write a book. Umbrella on the Floor has been on Amazon and Kindle for a year now. I write year around, but during the summer I write from a mountain in the Blue Ridge. Really proud of that one.
When you pass middle age and enter old age, family will likely be at the top of your bucket list, enjoying every moment with them and leave good memories behind for them.
This year I located a cousin I hadn’t seen or heard from for over 50 years. Between a find people app. and Ancestry.com, I found an address and wrote a letter with no idea how old the address was. A couple days later I received an email. Planning to see him in Ohio this summer.
Facebook Slatzer alert; the long lost cousin is a Slatzer. An item on my bucket list is the Moonshine Fest in Straightsville. Maybe we will come together and meet a lot more Slatzers there.
The list of things I have procrastinated about is long, but my Christmas message is; before there is no doubt that you have few years in front of you than are behind you, think about your dreams, shelved plans, and hopes, then go accomplish at least one. It will change you. You will smile more, and feel so good.
Merry Christmas to all.


I don’t have anything to write about this week. There has been new, innocent people are still getting murdered for no reason other than like Hitler, ISIS wants to take over the world.
Trump is still sticking his foot in his mouth, but he’s done it so often he’s becoming old tired news.
When you have nothing to say, tell stupid jokes, but first a commercial. If you haven’t read my book Umbrella on the Floor, check it out on Amazon or Kindle. Karen Gallagher has chased lots of bad guy, but this time the bad guys are chasing her. A hit man from Miami, hired by a Miami drug lord is as good at getting his man, in this came woman, as Karen is.
My next book Poison Mushrooms is finished. I’m doing my first read, then it goes to the Beta Reader, finally to the editor. Karen is hired to prove a woman who has been arrested for murdering her husband innocent. When Karen digs into the case she finds more suspects than she can use. She has to weed them out to find out if her client did it or was it one of the others who have given her reason to suspect them.
What do state’s abbreviations tell you about them.
What state is a number?                                            Tenn
What state is a doctor?                                                MD
What state is in poor health?                                    Ill
What state has things to mine?                               Ore
What’s the cleanest state?                                         Wash
What state keeps their lawns mowed?                   MO
What state is all about itself?                                    ME
What state saved Noah.                                               ARK
Can you stand a couple more?
Husband: Last night I dreamed I had invented a new breakfast food. I was sampling it when—-
Wife: What happened?
Husband: I woke up and found a corner of the mattress gone.
A man was taking his grandfather clock in for repairs. Accidently he ran into a woman and knocked her packages to the ground. The up-set woman looked at him and said, ” Can’t you wear a watch like everybody else?”
Moron: Why does cream cost more than milk?
Idiot: Because it’s harder for the cows to sit on the smaller cartons.
Had enough? I have. See you next week.

I’m Going to Piss Some People Offf

This is about ‘African Americans’. We white folks don’t like having to call blacks African Americans. Of course most blacks already  know that and smile when we say it.
There was a story not long ago about a black man wanting to track his roots. He took a DNA test. (Ancestry charges $99).With some strange results he had his mother do one. Guess what, she wasn’t African American, she didn’t carry the genes of any African.
There are lots shades in the world. Some native Australians are as black as Africans. The Indian on Big Bang Theory, in this case meaning a person from India, is much browner than a of blacks.
Many people who don’t have African ancestors are darker than the ones that do. So if you want to be called an African American, prove it.
I’m not jealous that you think you know where you came from. I could call myself, German, Irish, or British-American. Even native American, but I don’t feel I have enough in my DNA to claim a kinship with the people who were here a thousand years before the rest of us.
If you are an American, as in ‘born in the USA’ be proud of it. If you want to be something  else, go there, but don’t expect an African country to offer you citizenship simply because of the color of your skin.
After three tours in Germany, I’ve found that Europeans can spot an American a mile away, black or white. They put us all in the same class, Americans. Black and white doesn’t change anything about who we are to the rest of the world. We’re Americans.
Love it or leave it, but if your ancestors have been here for a couple hundred years don’t expect another country to welcome you with open arms.


A couple weeks ago when I began my new season of blogs, I sent an invitation to all my email address. Most of them belong to family and friends who I regularly forward jokes and other important information.
The rest belong to casual acquaintances like my car insurance agent. A couple of these non regulars replied asking me to use a blind address the next time I include them in an email addressed to numerous people. Sorry folks I didn’t know there was such a thing.
I’m a little  older than Hillary Clinton. She’s a baby boomer. I was born in 1944, over a year before WWII ended and all the soldiers came home to their wives or to find a wife, and settle down. Hillary and I aren’t far apart in age.
I will vote for her. I’ve only caught her in one lie and I truly believe advisors told her to lie. When she was ask about using her government server for personal mail, she lied. The truth would have been “What’s a server?”
During this weeks poker game at the local VFW, another player said he was tired of professional politics. That sounds good, let’s get rid of professional doctors, that way medial care will cost less. Maybe professional teachers, too. Professional lawyers. Oops, that last one might be a good idea.
Hillary has already had eight years experience in how to and how not to do things in the White House. Bill Clinton began his Presidency planning for her to do a national care plan. We desperately needed a good program like the rest of the world’s industrial counties.
Her plan didn’t make it through Congress because of the powerful insurance companies. Hillary got her first up close experience on how  bills are handled in Congress. That first turn down was a great lesson, Bill figured out how to get things done. He balanced the budget. Under a Clinton administration life was good for all of us. The citizens he represented.
Hillary was elected to Congress on her own. Next she became Madam Secretary.
She’s no wimp, she will get things done. Should Trump get elected. Ugh, sorry, even the thought of it makes me shiver with fear for our country. Trump would spend his entire time in office bad-mouthing the Congress who will keep him from doing all the things he bragged he could do.
Hillary has had a front row seat. She knows how to get Congress to get what the country needs done.
It is no mistake that I capitalized Congress each time I used the word in this blog. Perhaps we should take a break from Hillary, Trump, and the doctor and have a closer look at all those people we send to Congress.

In Correct Immagration

Last week I spoke about our need for a young generation. I was focusing on people from American, North American (Mexico), Central America, and South America. People who we can verify their identities and do a background check on. Such a process should take months not years.
We don’t need Syrians or any other group of people that ISIS can infiltrate. We’re going to get some. It is going to happen. Most states are saying they won’t accept them, but they will get them.
Use some logic. Put some effort into keeping ourselves safe.
Widows with children will cost more, but it is children we need. No man means no ISIS. Sure there are ISIS women. A quick fix would be a DNA test to prove the woman claiming to be the mother is the biological mother. With small children in a strange country it isn’t likely a mother would put her children in peril. Mom could be ISIS, but the odds are only slightly above pigs flying.
If we must take men I’d like for them to be under 10 or extremely old. Not going to happen. The first step should be the DNA test to be sure the male is related to the children. A father, grandfather, or brother any biological link will go help keep infiltrators out.
Be careful where we settle them. Estimate the risk of different kinds of family units. A widow with children should be a lesser risk than a household with man. Statics will help  narrow down how young and how old males must to be a lesser threat.
Except for the safest don’t settle families in large cities or tourist attractions like Florida. Determine the risk of helping ISIS cross our borders. Don’t settle any near those borders, could be Canada, Mexico or by water from near by countries.
I noticed that neither West Virginia nor Virginia have said they won’t accept the Syrians. Except for D.C. the rest of Virginia is mountains and small towns. South Dakota might be another good choice.
For ISIS to carry out terror they need to get in touch with other ISIS. If one is going to blow themselves up they still need a target that will do lots of harm and make the news.
Trump had another idea last week. He wanted to throw all the Muslims out of the country. Many Muslims were born and raised here. He backed off that one.
His new plan is to monitor them, bugging their phone lines, checking their bank accounts. I know other people who have had good results that way. Maybe you’ve heard of some, like Stalin and Hitler.
Dear Readers, next week I will stop picking on Trump, unless he comes up with something else so stupid that I can’t resist.

Illegal Immigrants or What Trumps, Trump’s Wall

A book by Patrick Buchanan, another Republican who has absolutely nothing in common with this Yeller Dog Democrat, the title of the book is The Death of the West. Buchanan gives facts and figures about white people of Western European decent vanishing.
My ancestors have been Americans for over 300 years, however beyond that and I find British, Irish, and German ancestors. What did we do? We stopped having babies. For decades Americans have stopped having enough children to replace the current working population.
Today I live nicely on a pension and social security, but in the next 30 years there won’t be enough Americans working to pay the taxes and social security needed to support those benefits. I’m retired military so taxes pay my pension. If you retire from a factory or any business that can be done in another country, it will be forced to move to one  with workers. What’s going to happen to those pensions?
No matter what you do for a living in the USA, social security will die because there won’t be enough people working to support the retired.
What to do? On TV a short while back, thousands of refugees were fleeing the near east to Western Europe. Countries were blocking their entry, many not allowing them to cross their borders on their way to another country.
A news report, I never thought I’d hear, said Germany was allowing thousands in. That’s not the nature of the German people. Why would they open their country to foreigners, while  every one else was keeping them out. Because they know how many people they will need to sustain their aging population.
We need people to do the same in the USA. Even if American women quit working and began breeding like rabbits, it would still be too late. No sane woman is going to do that anyway.
Washington needs to put people to work figuring out how many people we need to sustain ourselves. Set new, higher, immigration limits. We need doctors, farmers, truck drivers, and every kind of work needed to run a country.
Illegals already here should be found. Ones with questionable backgrounds go back. Others with clean records stay and go through the procedures to  become citizens. Don’t forget grandma, strong family units built this country. Mom, dad, six kids, and grandma is still a plus.
Put a cut off date on illegals. After that date, entering illegally means deportation. With larger quotas it will make sense for people to apply, and enter the U.S. legally.
No more anchor babies. If the parents are found to be unwanted, they can take the child or leave it with legal relatives or friends. The child can return when there is someone to care for him/her or when they reach adulthood.
We don’t need a wall, we need people. Criminals will still attempt to sneak in, but most are good people who will be happy to get in line, if the quota is large enough and waiting period is reasonable. Months not years.
My retirement I believe is safe, for my children now in their fifties, it’s shaky. My grandchildren now employed, paying social security, and raising families aren’t going to have the American dream if we don’t do something. White people are a dying breed. As for me all I want is for myself, my children, grand children, and great grand children is to spend our final years enjoying what we worked for.
I welcome comments to my web page, face book, and email. If you haven’t read my mystery/suspense book Umbrella on the Floor, the second book in the series, Poison Mushrooms will be out soon. (Available on Amazon and Kindle)
Thank you SaunnieLee

Slatzer alert see you all in May

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