Friday, July 14, 2017

Politics, Politics, Politics

Politics, Politics, Politics

The first three words of a Mel Brooks joke in one of his comedy movies. Maybe that's where it belongs.

Bob Schieffer, a newsman who has covered nine presidents, said if someone with ties to a foreign government approached him with damming information about a candidate, even as a newsman he would be suspicious and not go.

Trump's son-in-law, an educated, experienced businessman, hopped on a plane and went to Russia. Come on, is anyone dense enough to think Trump didn't send him?

Have Americans returned to a Barney Google mentality? Clinton had consensual sex with someone and the country started impeachment proceedings. What? How is that our business? I am sure Hillary may have forgiven him in public, in private is still making him pay.

Trump has not only done the same, and bragged about it. Because he wasn't president he gets a pass.

The sex lives of our leaders won't make our lives better or worse for us and our children. What will make a difference is letting the Russians get something on someone who works in, with, or for our government. Trump sold us out. Does anybody care?

A foreign government has an under-the-table relationship with our President, and no one cares.

Nixon resigned prior to impeachment because of Watergate. At least he did it with other Americans, he didn't sell us out to a foreign government, but Trump has.

Trump needs to build a comfy mansion in Moscow, and we the American people need to put someone who does and always will put America first, in the White House.     

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? I do, we were one switch away from our east coast being blown to bits. The president was JFK, aka President Kennedy, who came from a very successful business family. His father also served in political positions, and his maternal grandfather was a career politician.

Besides being raised in politics, JFK was also a veteran of WWII. He knew what war was about because he had been there in the middle of the fighting. He also spoke the language of a soldier.

President Kennedy backed Russia down. The biggest threat our country ever had, because their missiles were at our door step. Today they no longer need to be at our door step, missiles are called long range for a reason.

On our side, South Korea, while China and Russia could care less. The rest of the world, England, Germany, Japan, etc., don't like Trump, don't trust him, and don't want to deal with him.

This President even lied about how many people attended his inauguration when there were thousands of pictures out there that proved he was lying.

 My mouth dropped during one of the debates when someone brought up what veterans have suffered and given up for their country, his reply was that he had given up a lot his country. He was asked what he suffered for his country. Trump replied that he worked to build a business.

Every time Trump says "Believe me" in a speech, I want to throw up.

We are in trouble and there is no Kennedy at the helm. Trump is to thin skinned to deal with seasoned politicians like Putin. He doesn't understand the running of our country. He hasn't accomplished anything because all his promises were to get elected, he was a parrot who said words without knowing what they meant.    

Right now, we desperately need a President who has or can gain the respect of all countries, be they friend or enemy. Someone who can and will deliver what they promise.

Trump doesn't like to the American people, what he is does is dismiss us because to him we don't count, he wants us to worship him while he lies to us.

I don't think we can afford four years of Trump. There are countries poised to bring down the USA now that we have a tweeting buffoon as President. While Trump is consumed with some TV news program saying unkind things. He doesn't have time to learn about health care, or missile strikes on our west coast.