Sunday, August 20, 2017


Not me this time, but I've said those words in many combinations, for as long as I can remember. No, I'm not a stupid person who can't make a right decision. In fact, I'm very smart and those words have helped me get that way.

If you refuse to recognize your mistakes and learn by them, then you can't grow as a person. Fear of saying the words, "I'm sorry," has stagnated so many people that they are holding our country in the middle of nowhere while the well-adjusted people, are struggling to find a way out of our situation.

My best friend and I went on a lovely vacation to Williamsburg, last month. When talking about Trump's latest big mouth event, she said, "Well, I voted for him because it would have been worse if Hillary got elected."

Let me explain, NO ONE IS WORSE THAN TRUMP.  She knew it, I know it, and you know it. We know who Hillary is and how she conducts herself. Whatever reason you voted for Trump, don't try to excuse it. You make a mistake, grow up, admit it, and join the rest of us who want to move on.  We're waiting on you.

Why are we waiting? Because united we stand, divided we fall. Tuck your pride somewhere. If you are too stupid to admit when you've made a mistake, then lie and say you didn't vote for Trump. Whatever it takes. Your country needs you. Your pride doesn't because the people who know you already know who you are.

Your friends, family, and others around you, know you are one of those idiots who can't say "I'm sorry," or "I made a mistake."  You have no idea how much their respect for you will grow, if you learn those words.  Don't get carried away saying the words, once per incident is enough.

We need to stop standing around waiting for someone else to do something. That's not what this country is about. If you are an American citizen you have a responsibility to take an interest in the running of the country and make changes as needed. Usually the ballot box will fulfill that requirement, this time it may not.

Call your congressman, it's said over and over, but that's the next step, it does work, only congressmen work for the majority of the people so everyone needs to call them. Someone told me long ago, 'If someone has a good lead, follow them.' If no one is leading, pick the banner up and lead.'

We are a world power, and that makes us a target. Do something. I've already contacted my congressman and I'm writing this, and will check the number of hits. Enough hits and I will send it to a lot of congressmen. I'm open to all ideas, we need to do something quickly, before countries like North Korea decide we are broken and start dropping bombs on our home towns.