Friday, June 23, 2017


Ever since there have been little boys, they've played with blocks. In my day, they were made of wood, with letters and numbers painted on them. Today, it's Legos.

Some little boys would begin building something. If they couldn't get it the way they wanted, instead of trying to make changes, they slapped the blocks and scattered them across the floor.

Most little boys grow out of the destroy-instead-of-repair phase. A few don't, when those little boys grow up they are called names like, Congressman and Senator.

Little girls sometimes express this destroy-instead-of-fix way, usually with puzzles, which make a smaller mess. Girls outgrow it, only a few fail to change. This explains why there are fewer women in Congress.

They are doing it again. The Obama Care act is a start on something this country desperately needs. All the other industrial countries have a health care plan. If the little boys bothered to look at theirs, they could see what might work for us and what won't.    

In our diverse country, no plan will work on the first try. It will take years of trial and error. We have a basis, but it will need tweaking every year, until it's as good as it can get. It is impossible to make it perfect for everyone. 

Little Republican boys want to throw the entire plan away because they are afraid if it gets fixed and works, the little Democrat boys will get the credit.   

This thing started because Trump said he was going to throw it out and replace it. Now we clearly see he had no idea what was in the plan, let alone what was wrong with it. He didn't have a replacement plan, congress began writing a new one after Trump got in office.

He yelled it's bad, I have a plan to change it, vote for me. People believed him, without asking for any specifics about what he would put in the new one.  

You know our tax dollars pay the salaries of these people in Washington. Imagine what it has cost us while they try to reinvent the wheel.

The health care bill will dig into our taxes, but done right it can save us money. People can see a doctor instead of the Emergency Room. Count the doctors, nurses, and others in the ER, count the employees at your doctor's office. This is basic math.

We complain about people on disability. How about requiring them to see a doctor and try prescribed measures to repair their condition? If they do receive disability, they should see their doctor once a year to confirm their disability.

Somebody will have to pay for that. If we have a quality health care plan, we will save more by sending these people back to the work force, or any place where it doesn't come out of our pockets.

Call, mail, email, text your congressmen, tell them to stop wasting our money and make changes needed to the plan


Sunday, June 18, 2017


 You left this world far too soon. Let me tell you about your three great and four great-great-grandsons.

First was Mathew Stephen, he was still in high school, he never married or lived with the mother. A DNA test when baby Seth was a month old made Mathew a father. After a lot of barging, joint custody resulted. Matt took classes in parenting, he changed diapers, fed, and did everything for Seth. The first time I watched my grandson burp his child, tears filled my eyes.

Next came Roby, Ian was four when Roby married his mother. Rob had a little trouble at the outset. I bought a soft football for my ex-high school football star. Roby, was instantly outside with his new son. Rob checks on me regularly, always with young Ian at his side. A baby girl is scheduled to arrive in September, giving Roby a daughter and Ian a sister.

Michael has only been a father for nine months, he and his beautiful wife are doing great with little Jason. Mike has an ancestry of special fathers in his DNA.

My son, Steve, (Michael Stephen) is among the modern fathers. His wife of thirty years is a smart, well educated, woman who is an executive with a large corporation. Steve became a Deputy Sheriff. Instead of dedicating himself to moving up in his career, he chose to excel as a Dad. There were times when his wife Kim sat watching one boy playing a sport while she did homework in the bleachers, with her other son. Still a career leaves a lot of slack. Steve and the boys did Karate together. All three are divers who enjoy the waters around Florida and the Caribbean. Steve and his sons have that special relationship, that keep them very close. 

Daddy you left this world far too soon. My oldest boy, Roby's father is up there with you. Dad you had to leave school at 13 and go to work in the mines. You never had a son, only one child, me, a girl. Mother worked nights, you put me to bed with the only song you knew, I made you sing it over and over. You were in school long enough to learn your times tables, that was my story time, repeating from the twos to the nine times tables.

When you had your first heart attack in 1952, Doc Thomas put you in bed for six weeks, with a bed pan, no getting up. No TVs in bedrooms back then. Mother worked and Grandma Slatzer, your mother, took care of you. One day Mother bought a bunch of magazines off the rack in the store. I don't remember the names, but they all had names like World New and Report. You devoured them like a starving man, and asked for more.

Once you got back to work, suppertime became our special time. We talked politics and history, our favorite subjects. If Mother was home for supper, she was glad to work the next night because you and I had a language all our own, about eras, places, and news.

You might be described as an average man, but look at genes you have passed down to some amazing men, and women. I know you are up there smiling. I miss you Daddy. 


Thursday, June 15, 2017

What a News Week

A man shot some Republicans before he was killed by police. When a Republican leaves a vacancy, he is usually replaced by another Republican. As for the guy who did the shooting, no one will remember his name. I don't know his name.

Armed Police surrounded a house where an un-armed high school senior was hiding in his cousin's closet. Both he and his mother are illegal immigrants and will be deported. This is where my tax dollars are going! If you voted for Trump did you know his promise to rid the country of Illegal immigrants meant a mother and a boy in high-school. If anyone was expecting the illegals he promised to hunt down would be drug dealers and other criminals, sorry.

The best way to get rid of Republicans is in the voting booth. The cost of capturing that scared kid in the closet could have put him through Junior College.    

I would like to hear your opinions. Mine are, ask the media not to call the perpetrator of one of these crimes by name once he has been caught or killed. Advertise that no one will be remembered for these crimes, because the media will not publicize their name.

I am all for deporting illegals, but if the government is going to send out a half dozen, hundred thousand a year cops, wearing thousands of dollars of equipment, out to nab illegals, go after someone who is worth the expense. Trump may not pay taxes, but you and I do.


Sunday, June 11, 2017


Things they are a changing. I posted this on my face book and now I can't find it, hopefully this will make it onto my site.

I said if Trump got elected he would be impeached or simply quit in the first year. I am in my summer home in Virginia where the signs elect Trump were all over the place, this state was all for Trump.

Now there is an ad for the governor were the candidate is running on an anti Trump campaign.

I am a vet. After one of the Clinton, Trump, debates, he was ask something about the sacrifices our military made for our country. He replied he made sacrifices too. Ask what, he said he started a business and made it successful. That's how Trump compared himself to soldiers who died for our country.