Wednesday, December 20, 2017


            I am having Christmas with family, five blood relates, son, grandsons, great grandsons, plus four more related by marriage. I'd love to have all my children, grandchildren, and great-grand-children, but geography makes it hard for all to be together.

            I hope everyone has a lovely family Christmas whether it's twenty or only two. Sometimes you spend it with friends, I call that a family for the day, veterans like me understand, we've celebrated a Christmas or two in another country, far from home.  

            Traditions, if your family doesn't have any, get one, they're nice. More than the gifts, I can't wait until the Christmas night poker game.

            I have sort of a memory of my grandfather playing in the poker game. Can't remember my grandmother playing, but I know they both liked to play cards. Mostly it was my parents and aunts and uncles, while we cousins played.

            As the cousins grew up, we joined the poker game, while our children ran around the room playing.

            Our kids grew up and joined the game, while their kids played. Next those kids, the grandkids grew up, and that's where I'll spend Christmas three of five generations playing poker, with great grandchildren running around playing.

            I hope everyone is spending Christmas with family and continuing your traditions. If you can't, maybe next year. Just don't spend it alone, join friends, if you don't have friends, go someplace like a soup kitchen to serve Christmas dinner, or an assisted living home. Either place you'll feel the love.

            Merry Christmas to everyone on my face book, my friends of fifty years and longer. My family, including my dearest cousins and their generations of children.  New friends who have joined because they are writers like me, or friends of friends. An extra Merry Christmas to all the paternal cousins on my face book who I've never met. Some of you are double cousins.

Merry Christmas to all. Have a good one.

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