Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Dump Trump

Prince Harry in the news again, doing good things for injured veterans. He served in the British Military. I'm sure the Brits made sure their beloved Prince was watched over, but it is obvious that Harry personally was and is ready to serve.

And we have Trump, who said McCain was a POW, he liked the ones who got away. Dumb Donald, WWII wasn't a TV show, where the actor is a POW in one scene, then retreats to his dressing room or somewhere comfortable.

McCain suffered in a POW camp and survived. To me, McCain is a hero who when above and beyond for his country. Everyone knows I'm a Democrat, but I would cross any aisle, room, or anyplace else, for a chance to say thank you to this man for what he has done for his country.   

During the debates Trump explained what he did for his country. He built a big business (with 3 million start-up funds from his daddy) but he built this business, when things got rough (he filed bankruptcy, over and over). Are we supposed to honor Trump for that? Maybe he should tell us how many paper-cuts he suffered over the years. 

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